TASK has been providing scholarships to some of the neediest post-secondary students in Santa Rosa del Peñon. The scholarships help students travel to their post-secondary institution, and pay for tuition and materials.

CENMIN believes that education is essential to combat poverty. CENMIN identifies and encourages youth who have a desire to continue their education past secondary school, have attained good grades despite adversity in their life, and have shown a willingness to volunteer in the community.

Starting in 2010, TASK and CENMIN also hope to be able to support younger children in the community whose families do not have the resources to provide school uniforms, shoes and school supplies in order for their children to attend school.

Meyling Carolina Pulido Martinez (right)

Meyling is 19-years old and attends the University of Leon through their distance education program since she cannot afford to attend as a full-time student.  She takes the 2 1/2 hour bus ride to Leon every weekend to attend classes. She is in her third year of studying to become a social worker and is achieving very good grades. She volunteers at the play school started by TASK in April 2009. When she graduates she would like to work with women and children in Santa Rosa del Peñon. Meyling lives with her mother and 2 brothers. Her father, a field worker, rarely visits the family, only occasionally bringing them a sack of beans or rice. Her mother Maria has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for many years at the Casa Materna. At present, Maria is in charge of the nutrition program. In 2008 and 2009, Take A Stand for Kids was able to give Maria a yearly contract of $50 a month for her work. This is the first time Maria has ever had any compensation for her work at the Casa Materna.


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