La Casa Materna

    La Casa Materna consists of three bedrooms for pregnant women, a common room, an office space, a dining area for the nutritional program, and a kitchen and storage area. The original building was constructed with the help of an NGO called Project Minnesota/Gettysburg-Leon.
    The Casa Materna, established in 1990, is operated by a group of volunteer women from the local organization CENMIN-Centro Nutricional Materno Infantil. These are some of the Casa Materna volunteers. Back row (left to right) Maria Martinez–Coordinator of the Casa Materna and the nutritional program, Bertha Rostran–legal representative and natural medicine practitioner, Lilliam Urrutia–midwife and health promoter. Front row (left to right) Maribel–finances, Angela–treasurer.



Juana Gonzalez is a founding member of the Casa Materna who worked tirelessly as a volunteer for years to help disadvantaged children and women in the community. Due to health reasons she is no longer actively involved in the daily activities of the Casa Materna but likes to come for a visit. She has been bestowed with the fitting title of “Dama de Honor” (Woman of Honor).


The administrative volunteers are displayed on the office door of the Casa Materna.


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