About TASK

Take A Stand for Kids (T.A.S.K.) is committed to enhancing the quality of life for children, their families and the community of Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua.

Through collaboration, T.A.S.K. provides support for community-driven projects in Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua. T.A.S.K. is committed to developing a long-term relationship with the community, based on solidarity and trust.

Guiding Principles
Take A Stand for Kids works cooperatively and collaboratively with the community to:

  • Support projects that help children, women and their families become self-sufficient through opportunities for education and job creation.
  • Support projects that assist and enhance the well-being of children and their families.
  • Support projects that engage children in building self-confidence.
  • Support projects that improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable families.
  • Promote solidarity between the people of Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua and Canadians, through long-term relationships.

This organization began in October 1998 as a result of the concern by a 10-year old student for the victims of Hurricane Mitch. Cara DeTeves was a student in Carroll Airey’s Grade 5 science class. The children were studying major weather phenomenon, and were following the path of Mitch by way of the news and the internet. Cara became so distraught with the destruction she was seeing and the terrible plight of all the children, that she decided the class should try to do something to help. With the help of her teacher, Carroll, the Children Helping Children Club was formed in the school.

Carroll's Gr. 5 Class 1998-99--Children Helping Children Club

The club raised $444.45 and the students declared that they wanted to find an organization that could direct the money to a specific need of children, and that would be able to report back to the students. Carroll was successful in attaining this request through CoDevelopment Canada (www.codev.org), an NGO in Vancouver, British Columbia that works throughout Latin America. The Children Helping Children Club became a major focus at the small elementary school in Houston, British Columbia, Canada. In the following 6 years until Carroll left the school, the club enthusiastically raised over $10,000 for children’s projects in Nicaragua.

Children Helping Children Club--weekly bake sale at the school

Children Helping Children Club members displaying pennies collected from all the classes in the school

As a result of connections Carroll made through CoDevelopment Canada (www.codev.org), she was introduced to the community of Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua. The first project the club supported was to help establish a garden space for a nutritional program for severely malnourished children in the community. Later, the club funded a library for children and youth.

When Carroll had to leave her school in 2004 for health reasons, she made a commitment to try and continue to support projects for Santa Rosa del Peñon. Since she no longer had children to work with, she decided to call the project Take A Stand for Kids (T.A.S.K.). In her career as a teacher she had always stood up for the rights of the children she worked with, and now out of the school system, she decided to continue working for children—those in the community of Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua.

Since her first visit to Santa Rosa del Peñon in 2001, Carroll has developed a long-term relationship with community leaders based on solidarity and trust. Take A Stand for Kids works collaboratively to support community-driven projects that benefit children, their families and the community.

Take A Stand for Kids believes that building a climate of solidarity between Canadians and Nicaraguans is essential. To this end, T.A.S.K. successfully organized its first tour of rural Nicaragua in November 2007, visiting Santa Rosa del Peñon, a rural farming family near Esteli, organic coffee farmers east of Matagalpa and a local fishing village on the Pacific Coast.

Take A Stand for Kids is working to achieve Canadian charity status, in order to continue to successfully support the children, their families and the community of Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua.


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  1. katie lund Says:

    Hi carol
    My group is wondering if you would be willing to skype into our meeting on the 30th. I gave you my email but forgot to get yours. Hopefully you get this in time.
    Thank you

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