The Small Clothing Shop

Each year Carroll brings clothing and other supplies donated by people in and around her community and from other parts of British Columbia. A small clothing shop is set up at the Casa Materna where the clothes are sold at prices affordable to the local people. The proceeds from the sale of the clothing and other supplies are used to support the operations of the Casa Materna.

Carroll personally rents a truck in Managua to transport all the goods she collects for the community of Santa Rosa del Peñon. The truck is being loaded for the 2 1/2 hour drive to the community.


Once all the goods arrive in Santa Rosa del Peñon, the community volunteers sort it into plastic sacks.


The clothes are stored in one of the rooms at the Casa Materna until the sale days begin.


Two volunteers hang up the clothes, getting them ready for sale.


The sale day is often scheduled to coincide with International Women’s Day in March. It is a very festive day for all the women. Many women attend the sale, looking for clothes for their families.


This mother was very pleased to find this dress of excellent quality for her small daughter.



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  1. Mike Says:

    That is fantastic!

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