Fine Arts

Take A Stand for Kids has helped young people in Santa Rosa del Peñon who are interested in folkloric dancing. In February 2008, two different groups approached Carroll and asked if TASK might be able to help them with costumes. Both groups practiced the various dances of Nicaragua but could not perform without the traditional costumes used for the dances. November 2008, Carroll brought fabric and used a donation of $100 given to her to provide for the costumes. The sewing school completed the costumes in 2009.

These teenagers love to practice and perform folkloric dances but they did not have money for costumes.

This young group of dancers performed for the grand opening of the Community Education Centre February 29, 2008. They had to borrow costumes that were too big for them.

The young group of dancers presented Carroll with a written request for help in obtaining costumes for their folkloric dances since they always have had to borrow costumes. In addition, they asked if they might be able to use the Community Education Centre to practice their dances. In consultation with the directors of the Education Centre, their request for the use of the centre was granted.

Carroll brought fabrics for the costumes in November 2008, donated by a friend in Burns Lake, British Columbia. She is showing them to the women at the sewing school who would make the costumes.

The sewing school used the patterned fabrics and bought matching plain fabric to make the dance costumes for the young people in February 2009.


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