Carroll Airey, founder of Take a Stand for Kids and a two-time breast cancer survivor, is a retired elemenary teacher-librarian living in the small town of Houston, in central British Columbia, Canada.


She grew up in a strong farming community that valued cooperation and community service. From early childhood, Carroll has always been interested in people and the places where they live. Although she spent 30 years dedicated to her career, she managed to do some traveling and discovered that her favourite destinations were those rural areas in developing countries where she was able to meet and get closest to the local people.

Carroll has always been interested in social justice issues and took an active part within her profession to advocate for students and others whose rights were being abused. In her career as a teacher and teacher-librarian, Carroll always took the opportunity to teach and encourage her students to look outwards from their own privileged lives in Canada to those in other areas of the world who are much less fortunate. In her retirement, she continues to work with students and teachers promoting social justice issues. Carroll works as a substitute teacher for two local school districts where she introduces the students to ideas of a global nature. In addition, she is an associate with the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation, presenting a workshop for teachers called Global Education-In and Beyond the Classroom. She gives presentations on her travels to Nicaragua to community groups, and in schools to introduce students and staff to the work she does there.

Carroll’s concern for the community of Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua combines her intense interest in social justice and her interest in people and places. During her first visit to the community in 2001, she was astounded by the organizational abilities of the community members she met who were working so hard to try and make positive changes for the poorest and most desperate member of the community, mostly single mothers with children. She realized that the community leaders were quite capable of serving their community but lacked connections and financial support to put their ideas into practice. During that visit, Carroll decided she would do whatever she could to help. Through her subsequent yearly visits since 2005, Carroll has developed a cooperative, collaborative and trusting partnership with the community leaders of the projects that Take A Stand for Kids supports.


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