Midwifery & Health Promotion Project

The Casa Materna trains and works with midwives who live and work in the 24 rural communities around Santa Rosa del Peñon. They take care of pregnant women in their communities and send them to the Casa Materna in Santa Rosa if there are any problems arising or when the women are in the last month of their pregnancy. Lilliam Urrutia works as the midwife at the Casa Materna. She assesses the pregnant women, takes care of them following birth and helps new mothers begin breastfeeding their babies. She also tries to visit the rural communities to meet with volunteer health promoters to share health information and to identify health problems in the communities.

The Casa Materna and the midwives disseminate family planning information to couples. The Casa Materna makes use of a local radio station to broadcast health information to people in the rural areas around the town. Lilliam Urrutia is the Casa Materna’s midwife. She takes care of up to 60 women in a year who come from the rural areas to have their babies in a safe environment.


This 79-year old midwife lives and works in one of the rural communities. She walked three hours (in flip-flops, her only footwear) to meet Carroll in Santa Rosa del Peñon. This woman has been a midwife for 40 years and told Carroll she would likely die if she stopped working.


These three young women came in from the rural area to await the birth of their babies. From left to right, they are 20, 17 and 15-years old.


This young woman needed a cesarian birth, determined by the midwife, which required a 3-hour trip to the hospital in Leon, the nearest city. She spent one recovery day at the Casa Materna and then had to ride several hours by horseback, to return to her rural community.


This mother and her husband have learned about and are practising family planning. They have a 5-year old son and now this new baby.


This young mother is at the Casa Materna with the support of her own mother.


Bertha Rostran (forward) and Lilliam Urrutia are riding 3 hours to the rural community of La Pita near the top of the mountain to meet with local health promoters from nearby communities who have gathered to discuss health related issues in their area.


These volunteer health promoters represent 6 communities, 3 hours walk and more from Santa Rosa del Peñon. They were notified of this meeting through the local radio station and are gathered at the home of the health promoter in La Pita (second from right) to meet with Lilliam and Bertha from the Casa Materna.


Lilliam (left), the Casa Materna’s midwife, chats with one of the rural women after the health promoters’ meeting.



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