How Can You Help?

A small girl delights in making a donation to the TASK collection jar at Family Literacy Day in Houston, B.C. (February 2009)

Take A Stand for Kids accepts monetary donations to support all the projects for children and their families in Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua. TASK guarantees that 100% of all donations will be directed towards the various projects in the community. As a donor, you have the opportunity to:

  • Make a general donation that will be used for all projects
  • Make a donation to a particular project of your choosing, such as the library, the nutrition program, the fine arts program, etc.
  • Make a donation in the form of a gift, in the name of a friend, relative, colleague, etc.  TASK will consult with you and prepare an appropriate card/envelope, and will send it either to the recipient, or to you, to deliver

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Take A Stand for Kids using the contact form below:

(Take A Stand for Kids is currently in the process of applying for Canadian charity status.)


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