The Natural Medicine Project

Bertha Rostran is a trained nurse. She realized that most families in the region could not afford to buy expensive medications for their illnesses and decided to retrain as a natural medicine practitioner. She offers information to people about the healing properties of local plants in the region and prescribes natural medicines for various ailments.

Bertha Rostran, here with her husband Migdonio, is a natural medicine practitioner who serves the community of Santa Rosa del Peñon and the people in the rural area.

Bertha Rostran, the natural medicine practitioner, sees clients and administers natural remedies from this small room in her home.


Bertha Rostran, the natural medicine practitioner, is visiting La Pita, one of the rural communities, and is talking with volunteers from adjacent communities who act as community health promoters. She informs them about the medicinal properties, preparation and use of plants in their area


Bertha Rostran has planted a number of noni shrubs in the garden of the Casa Materna and in her own garden.All parts of the noni bush can be used for medicinal purposes but the fruit is most used for its many medicinal properties and has been introduced into Central America fairly recently.


Bertha Rostran is training Flor, a young woman from the community, to become a natural medicine practitioner.



One Comment on “The Natural Medicine Project”

  1. francesca101 Says:

    What an awesome woman! It’s great that Bertha is sharing her skills & compassion with people who certainly need them. Natural medicine works & there they don’t have the big drug companies to hold them back.

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