In 2003 the Children Helping Children Club funded the digging of a 14-metre well (45 feet) within the garden space, that is used to supply water for the Casa Materna and also for the garden. It was completely dug by hand by men and boys from the community. Due to the lowering of the water table in the past few years, it was necessary to dig the well deeper. In 2007, Take A Stand for Kids funded the digging of an additional 2 metres (7 feet) in the well.

Carroll visiting the well for the first time.

Bertha Rostran at the well, with some of the men and boys who volunteered to dig the 16 metre (52 feet) well by hand using steel bars, shovels and buckets on a rope. This was a very difficult and dangerous task as much of the digging was through cement-like conditions.

In the garden, trees have been planted to shade the well. Other trees have been planted for fruit production and for a source of firewood.

Women working in the kitchen or staying at the Casa Materna, pump the water they need from the well. Take A Stand for Kids (T.A.S.K.) funded the water storage tank adjacent to the well.

Women carry the 20 litre (5 gallon) buckets of water on their heads.

The water is being carried down the hill from the well to the Casa Materna for cooking, bathing and laundry.


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