Who’s Helping TASK? High Road Services Society

In the spring of 2010, Cara (DeTeves) McCormick contacted me to discuss the idea of selling the Fair Trade products that TASK uses to raise funds. In 1998, Cara, at age 10 and in my Grade 5 class, initiated the Children Helping Children Club at Twain Sullivan School, in the wake of Hurricane Mitch, by stating, “We need to do something to help!” (see more info in “About TASK” page)

Cara, now a community support worker at High Road Services Society, works with a number of individuals in Houston. In May, Cara and three of the adults she supports, began setting up a table on Wednesday mornings in the local mall to sell Café Etico coffee, Cocoa Camino chocolate products, teas and various other items. Since they began in the spring, Cara along with Carla, Richard and Chad have sold more than $1300 worth of products. Twelve years after initiating this project “to help”, Cara, along with the individuals she works with, is continuing to be involved in this project. Many THANKS to Cara, Carla, Richard and Chad for all their hard work.

Cara (second l) helps (l to r) Carla, Richard and Chad sell Fair Trade products in the Houston Mall to support TASK's projects in Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua

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