Who’s Helping TASK? Muheim Elementary School

Muheim Elementary School has been a supporter of TASK in the past, and teacher Mrs. Mary Brise, decided to introduce the students to the projects of TASK again. October 25, 2010, she invited me to visit a group of six Grade 6 students, who were interested in taking on a leadership role in the school. They listened intently to my presentation about TASK’s nutrition program for pre-school children (see Nutrition Program page) and decided it was something they would like to support. Before I left the classroom, the students were enthusiastically discussing all the ways they might be able to raise funds in their school. On December 7, 2010, I was invited to attend the Muheim morning assembly where I was presented with a cheque for $359.70 from the Grade 6 students, collected over the month of November by way of popcorn sales, a coin drive and a bake sale. TASK extends a huge THANK YOU to Mrs. Brise, the Grade 6 students and all those at Muheim Elementary School who donated to the project.

Carroll (l) gratefully accepts a donation for TASK from Mrs. Brise's Grade 6 students.

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