Who’s Helping TASK? Twain Sullivan Elementary School

Twain Sullivan Elementary School (TSES)…where I spent 25 of my 30-year career as a teacher-librarian. TSES…where my relationship with Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua began (see History in “About TASK” page).

There are still teachers, who I worked with during my career at the school, who are interested in social justice issues and are supporting this little organization that has its roots in their school. Their latest project to help TASK began in the 2009/10 school year. In meeting with the interested teachers, we decided that the students might make a connection to children in Nicaragua who are not able to go to school due to poverty.

Before I left for my February 2010 visit to Nicaragua, the staff invited me to come to the school and do a presentation for each of the classes, to inform the students about the problems children face in Santa Rosa del Peñon. That week, the school began a coin drive in each classroom where the students collected pennies and other coins that would help provide school supplies for the neediest children in Santa Rosa. When I returned, I visited each of the classes again to update the students on the situation for the Nicaraguan children. In the municipality of Santa Rosa del Peñon, at the beginning of the school year in February 2010, 30% of the children were not enrolled in school due to extreme poverty. The TSES students were shocked by this information and ramped up their fund raising. I was invited to the year-end assembly where the students proudly presented me with a symbolic cheque for $916.29. They vowed to continue their efforts in September on their return to school.


Children from the Grade 4 class display the symbolic cheque that represented the fund raising efforts of TSES at the end of June 2010, for the children of Santa Rosa del Peñon, Nicaragua

At the 2010 Christmas concert, the school’s renowned music group, The Twain Band & Choir, directed by teacher Dave Conway, was selling CDs of their latest hit: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, of which half the proceeds will be donated to the TASK school supplies project. I will be taking the school’s donation, for school supplies for the children of Santa Rosa del Peñon, to the community next visit in February 2011.

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